Karen Davies- Large Rose mould

The large rose mould has 5 very different roses (scroll down page to see more pictures / ideas). From the large 8cm rose to the tiny 1cm bud. The large rose saves so much time making roses for your cakes by hand. So when you are short on time, or the bride has a budget to keep to, is when you will truly appreciate this mould. When the large rose is moulded and dried overnight, it can be used to produce a beautiful arrangement for any tier of the cake. This rose is complemented by our hydrangea border or cup cake top by cutting small groups of flowers out to fill in gaps between the roses (see picture). The mould also has a smaller rose to match the large one. The flatter multi petal
4cm rose is great for many designs. i like to completely cover cakes with this rose for a beautiful effect. If they are placed together on the cake while they are still soft it is easy to get them close together, or leaves can be trimmed from the edges to make them fit (see picture). There is also a small rose and leaf and a tiny bud. These also have many uses such as borders or small groups of the flowers placed together. - By Karen Davis
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