Thank you for your interest in selling Fiesta Cake Products!

When account is approved and set up you can begin to place wholesale orders.


Tax Number/Vendor Number (must be submitted with your application)

Resale Certificate (must be submitted with your application)

Minimum Orders of $150 with a minimum quantity of 6ea of any Fiesta Cake product. 


Terms and Conditions

Wholesale is available for Fiesta Cake Products only.

1. Minimum Order

You must buy a minimum of 6qty of each product you purchase to qualify for wholesale.

No additional discount/promo code is permitted for a wholesale order.


2. How to place your wholesale order

  • Wholesale orders must be submitted through our website www.fiestacake.com
  • You must log into your already existing account and once you are approved for our wholesale program you will receive a code unique to your account to use at checkout.
  • Place all items with the appropriate quantities in your basket and go to checkout.
  • Input your wholesale code into the promo code box to receive wholesale discount and checkout.
  • Please allow 1-5 business days for all wholesale orders to be processed
  • Any cancellations must be made within 12 hours and will incur a $10 cancellation fee

3. Wholesale Pricing is 40% off of retail price.

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